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One great thinker said that “Spoken language is the gift of a society. But only the educated society would give a written language.” A written language can tell a lot about speakers’ knowledge and understanding. There are many societies in human history which have achieved glorious standards because they had written language. Language is our identity. All languages keep changing. They change a lot from one generation to another. As the language changes our identity also changes. When a language is written, it stays the same for years together. After a generation when another generation follows, the writings, stories and poetry comes handy to help learn the language and culture. No matter whether we will be on this earth or not, but the language which is written would remain forever. In the unique culture of Pangi valley which has been reared for years together, the Pangwali language is an important feature. All the people in the valley talk in this language. There are four varieties of this language which are spoken slightly different basing upon the language area. To spare from the merciless onslaught of time upon the language, it is important to be written and preserved. Otherwise, as the time passes away, the language will also pass away.

The good news is that there are books coming up in this language.

Books Published Locally

"Father’s Love" stories book:  This is the first ever Story book in Pangwali language. The stories of this book are taken from various sources and there are some new stories too. To know more about these stories please Click here 

Introductory Pangwali Grammar: This is the first ever book on Pangwali grammar. There are studies on 1. Phonology, 2.Morphology and 3.Syntax of Pangwali language. To read more about Pangwali language please Click here

Manihelu: Precious Jewels: This is a book on some of the special sayings of Pangwali language. As the precious jewels are beautiful, so are these sayings which beautify the language and make it mysterious. To read this book, please Click here

Tubari: Pangwali Monthly Magazine: The first Pangwali monthly magazine ‘Tubari’ has been printed from 2011 onwards. Special articles, interesting stories, cartoon jokes, health & hygiene and few important news of the valley in that month have been the main attraction of this magazine. To read this month’s edition and also previous editions, please Click here

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