Pangwali stories book - Baue pyar

बोउए प्यार – Father’s Love – Pangwali Story Book

This book is the collection of 18 short stories drawn from different sources. To show that Pangwali language also can be written and developed, this book was prepared. In this book though there are no folk stories, there are old and new moral stories. In this book you would find out ‘how Kakuram’s mother got healed from fever ’, ‘what is the Father’s love’, ‘This book “Baue Pyar” Father’s love Pangwali stories book  is also filled with such kind of stories, which are humorous at same time they gives ethical and moral values. All these stories are written in Pangwali context, so that local’s can easily visualize and draw inspiration from them. Few stories are written by locals, few are written by Shamma Singh and many stories are drawn inspiration from the world’s largest selling book.

Few story titles from this book.

  1. राजे बिएजु: King's seeds:- No one has ever won over Truth. In this story you will read how an ordinary men without any craftiness and lies becomes a king.
  2. कउं जीतत: Who will win?:- It is a difficult question to ask good will win or bad. Grand father gives a straight forward answer to his grand son about this.  
  3. बोउए प्यार  Father’s love:- Read this story to know what all thoughts come to a father about his children.
  4. मालिक मेहणु:- Head of Creation-Man:- Ever wondered why man has become so smart. Why he is ruling over all creations? In this story you will find the answer to that.
  5. माछि के पार्लामेन्ट:- Housefly’s Parliament:- Find out by reading this story what discussions are taking place among the flies against 'Clean India Initiative'.

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